Our Top 10 Wedding Bracelets (oozing with sophistication)

Wedding wrist cuff bracelets the big thing for next year?

Perfect for the beach or villa wedding. Will add that extra sparkle or elegance to your wedding day. Fantastic for the hand in hand shot on the tropical beach as you and your loved one walk along the white sands. there are so many different styles out there that we are sure that you will fall in love one at least. They can be worn as a pair or just one.


My favorite for a sophisticated wrist band. So dramatic that you will only need to wear one. If you love silver as much as I do then this style would be for you. You can find more details here


Ruffled lace and diamante tied with a ribbon. Perfect for the tropical beach wedding. Can find out where to buy here


If you are a bride who loves flowers this might be the bracelet for you. Find more details here


More traditional pearl wrist band. Find more details here


Add some sparkle to your beach wedding with this exquisite crystal cuff bracelet. Details here


An elegant wrist cuff, lovely for your destination wedding. More details here


A lovely pearl and embroidered wrist band. It has a really elegant feel. More details here


Beautiful cuff bracelet rose gold. details here


This should actually be further up the list. I like the uniqueness of this cuff but I know it won’t be everyone’s taste, but for a beach wedding you couldn’t go wrong. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the seller. They appear to have closed, but if you or someone you know is feeling creative why not have a try. I love and will try anything creative. Plus it will also make it that extra special, something to keep.


Another Great Gatsby -inspired piece. These would truly be perfect to add some sparkle if you are a simple elopement on the beach but want to add something special. Find the details here

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