Bridal hair ideas

If you are planning on a destination wedding on the beach, don’t forget that you will be dealing possibly with the heat, so for most brides that will mean a no fuss hairstyle, that is unlikely to frizz and need a lot of maintenance throughout the day. But you also want to look your best, right? We love accessories which are ideal whether your hair is long or short. Up dos are extremely popular, taking that hair off your neck if you have long hair will be relief in the heat, but you could also opt for a braid either long off to one side or straight down your back .

The main thing to consider when choosing a hairstyle is your own hair, length, thickness etc and the comfort we cannot stress enough that you need to feel fabulous, look beautiful but feel comfortable all day long, from the ceremony through to the reception. We recommend that you have a trial with your make up and hair stylist before your big day so you can go through any concerns and you can see the style you are comfortable with, sometimes what you like in a picture you may not always like on yourself.

If you have short hair don;t think that you can’t have a wonderful updo, there are lots of hair pieces out there, or you can simply accessorize. I love small headbands, either tiara style or bigger floral pieces, perfect for beach

Below are some we like,

Accessories such as the one in the photograph are great because they can be used in an up-do and also for those with short hair, either on the side or to hold on a veil

If you have long hair, then perhaps a side braid hanging loosely over your shoulder is great for a beach wedding
Perhaps you’d prefer to leave your beautiful hair loose with a simple diamante headband
Accessories for all hair lengths
Love this headband for a more boho feel wedding
i love this headband, with the addition of the ribbon.
Island and beach feel

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